About me

Magdalena lidzbarska

Interior designer

To me interior design is first of all a great pleasure I get from dealing with beautiful objects, combined with the thought that I might be helping someone to live a happier life. The beauty of a thing and its functionality are equally important to me.

Magdalena Lidzbarska

Even the prettiest object will lose its appeal if it comes in your way and vice versa, an ugly, yet functional equipment is no fun to use it. I believe that a well-designed and attractive interior may improve the quality of life of its owner and influence their sense of happiness.

I am inspired by virtually anything. I see beauty everywhere. I never know what image will have me stopped and admire it. I guess it must be the nature most frequently, its diversity and changeability. When I am not sure if two colours go well together, I search for such combination in the nature. I love neutral bases inspired by nature, with strong colour accents that may be compared to e.g. colourful flowers in a meadow.

Each commission is a challenge to me, which I treat very seriously and involve in with all my heart. I carefully analyze my Client’s needs, the space’s capabilities and the budget assigned to the project.